About me Drawing is what I’m good at!

About Esther

Since 2015 I have been on the road as an illustrator and graphic recorder, working for a broad range of organisations: non-profit, educational and business – helping them tell their stories and spread their messages by using drawings and illustrations.

I studied architecture and urban planning at Cornell University, USA and the Bauhaus University in Weimar, Germany and subsequently worked in community development in Berlin. I used artistic strategies to facilitate and engage with diverse communities in a participatory way. This background helps me in my live-illustration work – I have a good feel for what’s going on in the room and I can create workshop materials and visuals that can make workshops a joy to be at and their outcomes shine with clarity.

Why choose to work with me?

Years of working with people in a variety of contexts have exposed me to a broad range of approaches and techniques. Whether it is working with community groups in socially disadvantaged neighbourhoods or a top manager in a multinational organisation, both jobs have one thing in common: I need to comprehend the brief and the reasons for it. It may seem simple, but I will listen to you closely to understand your needs and goals, to understand the what, why, and for whom. I may also have quite a few questions! If your goals can be better achieved with a mix of approaches, I can deliver a tailored strategy for you.

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Passionate about the environment

I grew up on a smallholding in rural Ireland in the 1980s, in an environment in which respect for the land took precedence. This background has shaped how I want to engage with the world around me: in the least harmful way possible.

I bring this ethos into my work in the following ways:

  • Reduce the need to travel physically and, where possible, work remotely.
  • If travel is necessary to your event, I prefer to travel using public transport, if feasible. If your event is very close to where I live, I might even come by bicycle.
  • When working on site, I use water-based and refillable markers and avoid non-renewable materials.


All-Ireland Business Summit
Aperto – An IBM Company
German National Pipe and Cable Association
Go Ahead
Paulaner Beer
Berlin Social Science Centre
Burren College of Art, Ireland
Cambridge University, UK
Maynooth University
Technical University Bielefeld
The Catapult Programme, UK
University of Potsdam
Arts and Health, Ireland
Berlin Senate for Urban Development
Consumer Protection Agency Brandenburg
European Commision for Gender Equality & Justice
Foundation SPI
German Children and Youth Foundation
German Red Cross
German Worker's Welfare Association
Health Service Executive, Ireland
National Coalition Deutschland - Netzwerk for UN - Children's Rights Convention
Neighbourhood Management Moabit-Ost
Royal Irish Academy
ver.di Trade Union
Wikimedia Foundation